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Let’s make the ultimate Utah bucket list together

If you had 24 hours to show someone the best of Utah, where would you go?

People are always asking me for a list of things every visitor to Utah must see, so instead of creating a list of my own interests, I thought we could crowdsource it this time!

24 UTAH readers are diverse, with interests ranging from mountain biking to beer, and of course the family-friendly activities.

This Utah bucket list will be a great thing to bookmark or even print. This shouldn’t be just a to-do list, but a must-do list.

While the location of the activity won’t matter, the important thing to remember is that anyone can look at the list and find something great and exciting to do, and make some awesome memories in the process.

Here are some ideas to get us started:

Climb Mt. Olympus

Visit Temple Square

Go boating at Deer Creek.

Go to the Park Silly Festival in Park City.

Take a picture of Delicate Arch.

Walk through the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Go camping at Red Banks in Logan Canyon.

What’s missing from this Utah bucket list? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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