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5 places to hike with your kids along the Wasatch Front

Utah is a hiker’s paradise, and it seems like there’s always a new trail to explore. But if you have kids, it is sometimes more difficult to find those trails that they will enjoy too.

Hiking with your kids can create a life-long love of the outdoors, and a respect for nature and the beauty it reveals. Here are five hikes around Utah’s Wasatch Front that you can take your children on, snap a few pictures, and create lasting memories.

1. Donut Falls

Located in Big Cottonwood Canyon near the Jordan Pines picnic area, Donut Falls is a nice, shady hike to a waterfall. Big Cottonwood Creek moves through a doughnut-shaped hole in the surrounding rock, giving this hike its name.

Access the trail from the Mill D trailhead or the Donut Falls trailhead.

2. Cecret Lake

It’s no secret that there’s an incredibly beautiful lake up Little Cottonwood Canyon called Cecret Lake. Located in Albion Basin, the lake is surrounded by wildflowers that will bloom from mid-July through August.

Drive past Alta ski area to the Albion Basin Campground, and access the trailhead from the parking lot. There’s a footbridge that crosses over Little Cottonwood Creek, and leads up the slope next to the wildflower meadows.

3. Bell Canyon

Carved from a glacier, Bell Canyon is located next to Little Cottonwood Canyon and is accessible by two trailheads. The trail to Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir is appropriate for children and beginners, while the Upper Bell Canyon Reservoir is reserved for those with more endurance and time.

The Granite Trailhead leads to a longer hike, but is not as steep as the Boulders Trail. The trailhead is located east of the intersection at E. Little Cottonwood Rd. and Wasatch Blvd.

4. Silver Lake

Silver Lake is located at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, and is an easy and beautiful hike on a flat boardwalk. It takes about 30 minutes to loop around the lake, but you may end up spending more time taking in the lush surroundings with your kids.

Drive around 14 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon until you reach a fork in the road. The road turns into a one-way loop, and off to the west will be a parking lot with Silver Lake Trailhead signage.

5. Bonneville Shoreline Trail, Draper

This little section of trail is just off Wasatch Blvd. at Hidden Valley Park in Draper. There is a paved pathway that winds around the park, and a quick hike to a footbridge over the creek via the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. There’s no trailhead or loop for this section of trail, but the spectacular views of the Salt Lake valley and majestic rock faces of the canyon.

Drive south on Wasatch Blvd. to Hidden Valley Park, which is located at 11700 S. Wasatch Blvd.

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