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18 comic book stores in Utah you need to know about

Utah has one of the biggest comic book fan bases in North America.

In 2013, FanX Comic Convention debuted and became the largest first-year comic con in the United States. In its first year, it also became the largest convention ever held in Utah. Now a biannual event, attendance has begun to rival that of even the San Diego International Comic Con, an annual event that has been attended by people from all over the world since 1970.

With such a dense and loyal population of comic book fans, stores all throughout Utah have succeeded in giving the people what they want in between these biannual super conventions.

History of comic books

Comic books first started popping up in the U.S. in the 1930s when the world was at war and the U.S. was in the middle of its Great Depression. Citizens were looking for signs and symbols of hope. America’s youth needed inspiration and comic books emerged as the medium to which that inspiration would be conveyed.

Since then, the demand for expanded comic book storylines and new additional characters has led to the creation of entire interconnected comic book universes. These universes have captured the symbolism of current events throughout history. Whether it’s Captain America representing American patriotism, Superman representing hope, or the Justice League and Avengers representing the teaming up of forces to defeat evil in the world, these symbolic heroes have consistently symbolized the struggles to overcome in regards to real world events.

Over the last 80 years, these comic book universes have evolved and accumulated a thick repository of history. Each character in each universe has an origin story followed by a detailed and exciting life of vigilance.

Comic book sales have had their ups and downs. In the early 2000s, comic books were hurting for sales. Some comic book distributors sold rights to movie studios in order to depict characters on the big screen. These studios capitalized on the opportunity, creating some of the biggest summer blockbuster hits of the last decade. Raking in billions of dollars, the comic book frenzy was reignited.

Where to buy comic books in Utah

Looking for a good comic book store in Utah? Luckily for you, there are quite a few stores spread throughout the Beehive State. Here is a list of comic book stores in the Salt Lake City area:

Comic book stores in Salt Lake City

1. Black Cat Comics

2. Dr. Volt’s Comic Connection

3. Far West Comics

4. Night Flight Comics

5. Utah Book and Magazine

6. Game Night Games

Comic book stores north of Salt Lake City

7. End Zone (Clearfield)

8. Gweedo’s Comics (Layton)

9. Phoenix Games and Comics (Logan)

10. Heebeegeebeez (Layton, Ogden and Logan)

Comic book stores south of Salt Lake City

11. The Nerd Store (West Valley)

12. Game Haven (West Jordan)

13. Night Flight (Murray)

14. Hastur Games and Comics (Midvale)

15. Heebeegeebeez (Draper)

16 Edgemont Sport Cards (Orem)

17. Dragon’s Keep (Provo)

18. Comics Plus (St. George)

In the last couple of years, comic books sales have been higher than ever. The big screen renditions of said characters only go so deep. The desire to learn more about comic book heroes/heroines and the story arches surrounding them has led to a higher demand for material. Luckily, local comic book stores have hundreds of comics readily available.

The average cost of comic book as of March 2015 was around $3.70. Go visit the nearest comic book store and others surrounding to capitalize on this great opportunity to go deeper into the vast variety of comic book universes.

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