15 Critical Wildfire Survival Tips To Keep You Safe

There were over 65,000 wildfires in the United States in 2016, which destroyed over 5 million acres of land according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

In 2016 a total of 1,080 wildfires burned across Utah, scorching 101,280 acres according to the Great Basin Coordination Center.



Wildfires pose a serious threat, not only to land and structures but to people and animals too.

Wildfire Survival Tips Utah

How To Prevent A Wildfire

1. Never drive a vehicle like a motorcycle or ATV into the grass.

2. Replace mulch around your home with gravel, rock or stone.

3. Keep anything flammable at least 30 feet away from structures, including propane tanks, firewood and vegetation.

4. Ask how you can prepare yourself for a wildfire.

5. Make sure campfires are completely out and cold to the touch before leaving.


How To Survive A Wildfire In Your Vehicle

6. Roll up the windows and close the air vents.

7. Drive slowly with the headlights on.

8. Don’t drive through heavy smoke.

9. Stay in the vehicle, and do not run.

10. If you have to stop, turn ignition off and cover up on the floor with a coat or blanket.


How To Stay Safe At Home Before Or During A Wildfire

11. Clear away dead leaves, branches and flammable vegetation.

12. Mow grass regularly, and keep vines away from the home.

13. Clear away at 10-foot area from all propane tanks and outdoor cooking appliances.

14. Store oily rags, gas containers and other flammable substances in approved safety cans.

15. Make plans for temporary housing outside of the threatened area in case of evacuations.

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