Is Sleeping 6 Hours Enough?

3 Weird Ways To ‘Biohack’ Your Room To Sleep Better Naturally

Be honest here… are you really getting enough sleep?

So many of us think we can “get away” with 5, MAYBE 6 hours per night… but it that enough to stay healthy?

As Anthony DiClementi stresses in The Biohacker’s Guide: “There IS a small percentage of people who can maintain performance levels with 5 hours of sleep per night or less, but they only make up about 5% of the population. The rest of us need the standard 7 to 9 hours.”

Weird Ways To Get More Sleep Naturally

Here’s the slap-in-the-face question…

If you don’t sleep enough… is it REALLY worth it for you to buy all these expensive supplements and health tools, to be exercising, going organic, drinking green smoothies, and doing all the “healthy” things you know you should?

Maybe (most likely) not. Maybe you should REALLY sleep more instead…

Sleep is the foundation for everything else.

Memory consolidation, tissue repair, healing at the cellular level, brain and body detoxification… the list goes on and on.

Poor sleep means you WON’T be able to show up 100% in all those “busy tasks” that seem to take priority over getting your zzz’s.

But get enough QUALITY rest, and you’ll be performing better mentally and physically in everything else and maybe even getting MORE done in LESS time!

Get enough sleep, and you’ll be able to exercise better, absorb more from your organic produce and your green smoothies, get more out of those supplements and tools. Without it, you may be paying a lot for little return…

But first, you NEED to optimize your sleep environment!

Most people sleep in such a disturbed and sub-optimal sleep environment that I wonder if they’re getting even just 10 to 20% of the healing effects that sleep is supposed to provide.


Here are the 3 key aspects of cleaning your bedroom from the top sleep disruptors:

1. Make sure your bedroom is pitch black

Blackout shades exist, but honestly most of them still let too much light into the room.

Consider using a sleep mask at all times.

If you think having just a little bit of light from that huge lamp post in your street doesn’t matter, consider this:

Using a special app on my smartphone, I calculated how much light (measured in “lux”) that was present in my bedroom when it’s almost complete darkness. I got a result of 4 lux.

Compare that to the full moon on a clear sky, which is 0.27 to 1 lux — and it’s easy to understand why most people sleep in an environment that’s seriously destroying their melatonin production and tricking their bodies into thinking it’s still not bedtime.


2. Eliminate all screen time 2 hours before bed

I know it’s hard, but there’s an alternative if you still want to watch a movie or spend time on your phone — wear these blue-light-blocking orange glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Avoiding any blue light starting when it’s almost dark outside will maximize your melatonin production at night, give you sound sleep, and you’ll naturally wake up right at sunrise!

(Bonus science: More melatonin = more antioxidant power = lower cancer risk)


3. Clean your bedroom of EMFs

EMFs emitted from your smartphone and even from common electronics like alarm clocks are proven to seriously impair your melatonin production, and even your ability to recover and heal at night.

To reduce EMFs in your bedroom, always make sure to:

– Put your smartphone or tablet in airplane mode.

– Set your wi-fi router on a timer so it shuts down between 11pm and 5am. Don’t worry — no one really needs to surf the web at night.

– Unplug all electronics from the walls. Use a battery-powered alarm clock.

– Even better: turn off the entire breaker of your bedroom.

– Even better STILL: hire an EMF consultant or building biologist to measure EMFs in your home.

The key takeaways are…

– Sleep at least 7 hours per night — unless you magically happen to be one of these lucky few who can get away with less (but you probably aren’t so get that sleep in!)

– Sleep in a pitch black room, or wear a sleep mask

– Avoid looking at electronics at least 2 hours before bed

– Remove all electronics from your bedroom, and reduce EMFs as much as possible

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Posted by Anthony DiClementi on Tuesday, November 22, 2016


The final takeaway…

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