Escape Route And Meeting Place For Emergency

Because you never know where you will be when disaster strikes, you need to know your city well enough to get around without the aid of your GPS.

The following list includes places that you are likely to be when disaster strikes.

These are the places you want to plan escape routes from.

  • Your work
  • Your usual lunch spot
  • Your child’s school
  • Your child’s daycare
  • Your home
  • Your typical shopping area

Typically, most of these places will probably be somewhat close to your home.

This is ideal if you are planning to head home in a disaster.

However, there is a strong possibility your home could be damaged in a disaster, making it impossible for you to hole up there.

You need to establish a meeting place where you will meet up with your family before embarking on your journey to find shelter.

For each place you are likely to be, plan a route to your meeting place and your home.

Have a backup route planned just in case there is too much damage or the path is blocked by soldiers, debris or is simply too dangerous to navigate.


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