The Beginners Guide To Emergency Preparedness

New to emergency preparedness? Need to start a food storage plan but not sure where to start? Want to make a plan to protect your family during a disaster? The Beginner’s Guide To Emergency Preparedness is a great place to start! We provide comprehensive information to help get you become a prepper, know what to do in an emergency and learn survivalist tactics.

In an ideal world we would be able to choose, or at the very least know, the exact scenario in which a disaster or an emergency will affect us.

We would know when, how, where and we would know exactly what to do.

In an ideal world we would have everything we need ready, within arm’s reach and we would know exactly at the moment when we need to evacuate, shelter in place or get to a safe location.

But no, in the real world we don’t have that luxury.

In the real world you don’t get to choose when, how, where or even why you’ll be facing an emergency situation or how much time you’ll have to react.

House Fire

You and your family could be thrown into an emergency or survival situation due to a number of reasons, without warning and in an instant.

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, social unrest, and road emergencies are just a few of the scenarios where your safety and even your survival could be threatened.

The real key is, first, realizing there’s no way to know how an emergency will unfold, and second being ready at all times and taking your preparedness plan with you is the most effective way to maximize your odds of surviving in a disaster or emergency.

Most bug out literature out there will tell you that a bug out bag is specifically and strictly designed to help you survive for 72 hours.

However, my opinion is that a bug out bag should last however long it takes you to get to your pre-established and relatively safe location.

In addition, most of the publications and training you’ll find, will assume that you are bugging out of your home.

They fail to consider my earlier point that, “in the real world you don’t get to choose when, how, where or even why you’ll be facing an emergency situation”.

So, what good will a bug out bag do you if it’s at home and you’re stuck on the highway, in a public place or at work when emergency strikes?

In this guide we’ll cover that step by step of putting together a “get home bag”.


Chapter 1 How to start an emergency food storage supply

Chapter 2 Bugging out

Chapter 3 How to boost mental and physical awareness

Chapter 4 How to create and hide a cache

Chapter 5 How to plan an escape route



Chapter 6 How to escape the city

Chapter 7 How to prepare for a disaster while traveling

Chapter 8 How to prepare for an emergency on the road

Chapter 9 How to safely navigate during a disaster

Chapter 10 List of emergency resources in Utah